Catua and Omtua, young runners from Tesuque Pueblo, among several other messengers, carried knotted deer-hide strips more than 50 miles to co-conspiring villages just before the rebellion. The number of knots signaled the days remaining before the well-orchestrated uprising. But this ingenious plan was cut short and the revolt began early. Catua and Omtua were captured and hanged, becoming the first to give their lives to the cause.
Po’Pay: Leader of the First American Revolution
(Herman Agoyo and Joe S. Sando; Clear Light Publishing, 2005)

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12″ x 10.25″ X 3″

Colors and textures of this work are entirely reliant on the flame and ash associated with firing in a wood kiln. Painstakingly gathered ash deposits melting and the fluctuation of temperatures as coal beds are built and burnt to create rich, dynamic surfaces unlike any other, made with deep roots in the past.

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