BOREAL❄︎ (North)
Possessor: No-Len

Chargers are armored secret passkeys used to gain entrance to the Aeronauts Survivorship Armada Stargate. Those who possess the Chargers can find gates that are located throughout Earth’s lithosphere. Aeronauts Cuda and Steu originally owned the Chargers. They are highly coveted and protected, hiding in plain sight. The Aeronauts shared this primordial knowledge with the Watchmen, who are stationed around Earth’s realm surveying for any advances of the Castilian Army.


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BOREAL❄︎ (North)
16″ x 3.5″

Colors and textures of this work are entirely reliant on the flame and ash associated with firing in a wood kiln. Painstakingly gathered ash deposits melting and the fluctuation of temperatures as coal beds are built and burnt to create rich, dynamic surfaces unlike any other, made with deep roots in the past.