Spirit World Army

“This piece speaks to the internal conflicts of those living with PTSD.  For this sculpture, I honed in on my recent experience of using art to encourage Veterans with PTSD to share their stories and establish a new sense of self though healing.  PTSD is not limited to those who have been deployed, but can impact anyone as the result of a traumatic experience or encounter.  The dramatic converging faces depict the internal battle of those who have PTSD.  Their daily experience can be a duality of a suppressed painful past and the attempt to find normality in daily life. The three-pointed star and the three circles represent the infinite quest for stability and balance in their thoughts and lives. On the back I painted Rorschach inspired silhouetted image of Vets to bring balance and overall symmetry to the form and design.  The silhouettes speak to the proudest moments of Vets serving our county yet experiencing depression being away from their loved ones.”  -VO

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Spirit World Army
17″h x 14″w x 8″d
Traditional methods and materials: Cochiti red clay, white and red clay slip,
black (wild spinach) paint.