“Growing up and living with Dyslexia, Asperger syndrome, and ADHD is an unimaginable personal and social challenge.  During my time at Colorado College, I had the opportunity to learn from 15-year-old Foster what it’s like to live with these disorders.  As a kid, he thought he was a failure.  He showed me one of his own drawings illustrating how he felt about his failures. He saw himself as an extended figure, surrounded by the words, “falld”, meaning “failed” – an intensified expression of his personal feelings and perception.  He felt he had to pull himself up every day, so I put him at the top of the mountain, the apex of this piece.  He loves to mountain climb, so that seemed appropriate.  The other figures are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and at the same time, getting ready to toss Foster’s “drawing” away as he overcomes his feelings of failure to achieve personal success.  I see him standing tall, entering a place of non-duality where the understanding of his neurodiversity can have its meaning outside and separate of how and what it means to others.” -VO

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19″h x 8.5″w x 14″d
Traditional methods and materials: Cochiti red clay, white and red clay slip,
black (wild spinach) paint.