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Po’pay, leader of the Pueblo Revolt, dispatched runners carrying knotted cords to all the Pueblos. Each morning the Pueblo leaders were instructed to untie one knot. When the last knot was untied it would signal the commencement of the rebellion. However, on August 9, the invaders discovered the significance of the knotted cord and the impending revolt by capturing and torturing two Pueblo runners. Po’pay then ordered the revolt to begin immediately. On August 10, the Pueblos began stealing Spanish horses, sealing off the roads leading to Santa Fe, and pillaging surrounding settlements. By August 13, all of the Spanish settlements in New Mexico had been destroyed and Santa Fe was besieged. The Pueblo people surrounded the city and cut off its water supply. Finally, the Spanish governor led his people out of the city and retreated southward along the Rio Grande River. Although the victory over the Spanish only lasted for a brief twelve years until their reconquest of the area, the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 remains a source of Native pride and cultural significance.


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High fire clay & glazes, leather cord included.

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