Venutian Soldiers Quest

The Venutian Soldiers are futuristic, herculean superheroes, over eight feet tall, who fight mainly at nighttime, possess extraordinary strength and magical powers. In the future, the Castilians are the destroyers, and the Venutian Soldiers embody the devastation over their pueblo’s destruction. Their habitat has been destroyed by nuclear weapons—they wear oxygen tanks and gas masks to survive. This story embodies a world overrun and destroyed yet survivable by the spirit of “Pueblo community.”  Taoky, doyen of the Rez Spine Watchmen, guides the Venutian Soldiers on their journey to seek new uncontaminated land to inhabit. She aids them in rebuilding their ways of tradition and life on sacred ground.

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For the last two decades, I have been developing a screenplay titled Revolt 1680/2180. It is not just a story of persecution and revolt, but also a story of resilience—one that seems to be more critical than ever in today’s political and cultural climate.


With every new creation, I reveal more details of my interpretation surrounding the events and repercussions of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt—the first American Revolution against foreign colonizers. The revolt was an uprising of Pueblo people against the Spanish military and religious forces. The Pueblo Revolt remains a significant part of our history, and I have always felt it my duty to educate and share it with the world. It is important to pay respect to the past in order to advance into the future. —Virgil Ortiz



Venutian Soldiers Quest, 2020
Venutian Soldiers Series
23.5″h x 13″w x 12″d
Traditional methods and materials: Cochiti red clay, white and red clay slip,
black (wild spinach) paint.


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