The visionary image-maker and storyteller unleashes his latest collection. The Revolt Chargers embodies Ortiz’s passion for creating new characters, shapes, textures, and carvings, provoking a new chapter in his 1680/2180 Pueblo Revolt saga — the First American Revolution.


Occident ✦  Possessor: Taoky

These one-of-a-kind chargers were conceptualized during Ortiz’s recent residency at the Reitz Ranch Center for Ceramic Arts, a historical landmark in modern-day American ceramics. They represent Ortiz’s first foray into wood and experimental atmospheric firings, as well as new construction methods, a distinctly new direction in his decades-long ceramics journey. Paired with the contemporary collegiate education of Andrew ‘Augusta’ Smith, Ortiz’s expertise in traditional methods and iconic design brings this cross-cultural endeavor to a brilliant crossroads, combining spiritual messages with organic, ancient surfaces. New depiction methods range from relief carving to abstracted expression, combining the influence of masters like Don Reitz with a newfound knowledge of ancient historical practices from around the world. Unlike any works from Ortiz before, the ASxVO collaboration continues to push the limits with this explorative collection.

Dorn, Magnate of the East Realm Rez Spine Watchmen

Rainor, Admiral of the East Realm Rez Spine Watchmen.

In Revolt 1680/2180, Ortiz envisions a dys­topian future 500 years after the Pueblo Revolt in which time-travelers return to the time of the revolt to aid their ancestors. A new chapter reveals more details…

Rainor summons the Spirit World Army, “Prepare the Survivorship Fleet for transport to Earth’s realm! It is time for the uprising against the invaders!”  Po’pay’s plan will soon be revealed.

Dorn, donning a helmet adorned with a Stargate crest, joins the Aeronauts, pilots of the Survivorship Armada, and launch their descent to earth to join their comrades to prepare for battle. Po’pay dispatches the Revolt Runners carrying knotted cords more than 50 miles to co-conspiring Pueblo leaders —the number of knots signal the days remaining before the uprising. The Watchmen soldiers, armed with impenetrable chargers used as war shields, start sealing off the roads and storm the Castilian settlements. The enemy is besieged and driven out. Sadly, the aftermath was devastating, the Pueblo lands were destroyed. The Aeronauts quickly gather the survivors and search for any remaining clay artifacts from the battlefields. They realize that challenges and persecution will continue, so it is imperative to preserve and protect their clay, culture, language, and traditions from extinction.

Austrial Possessor: Rainor

Orient✴︎ Posessor: Dorn

Chargers are armored secret passkeys used to gain entrance to the Aeronauts Survivorship Armada Stargate. Those who possess the Chargers can find gates that are located throughout Earth’s lithosphere. Aeronauts Cuda and Steu originally owned the Chargers. They are highly coveted and protected, hiding in plain sight. The Aeronauts shared this primordial knowledge with the Watchmen, who are stationed around Earth’s realm surveying for any advances of the Castilian Army. ▽

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